About us

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About Us

Our Vision

To be a source of scientifically designed education & training in the field of the ancient Indian Science of Yoga sports in the Middle East.

Our Mission

To provide an educational & training courses to our students of yoga who are interested in learning more about the ancient Indian science of yoga sports, with ease and flexibility. Matching the best international standards of holistic healthcare education & Indian yogic sciences. Provided with training with a knowledgeable team of expertise in yoga, Indian sports.

About AYF

From its early starts as a yoga school in 2005, The Arab Yoga Foundation has become an organized governing body of yoga devising a structure for systematic organization of training and learning as well as, the procedure for making yoga training available for the masses all across the Gulf region.

AYF leads the campaign to create awareness of the advantages and importance of yoga.

Founded in 2010, AYF working in affiliation with various globally recognized yoga organizations. AYF offers progressive and internationally appreciated safe yoga sports practice and training techniques and methods. The Foundation offer its services through a proficient team of yoga experts and professional instructors.

AYF offers an international professional yoga training emphasizing on yoga techniques and exercises, pranayama techniques and meditation to create a balance and synchronize mind, body and soul.

Our graduates are able to teach yoga safely and efficiently.

Arab Yoga foundation is the only certified body in the Gulf region that is highly recognized to qualify yoga teachers, apart from yoga schools.

AYF adopts a holistic approach for yoga sports training, improving mental and physical health, and equipping students with the learning through which they may surround themselves with peace and tranquility. Yoga exercises can be practiced to enhance the overall quality of life and living.

The Arab Yoga Foundation is dedicated to promoting and teaching yoga through professional trainers and arrange classes, courses, seminars, workshops and conferences to facilitate yoga sports training for individuals and organizations. The Foundation’s yoga sports programs has already been implemented in several Gulf’s companies, gyms and wellness centers and more than 400 certified yoga teachers have been graduated by AYF, in KSA only. AYF students are actively teaching in countries such as Egypt, Lebanon, UAE, USA, Ireland and more. In KSA we have active teachers in all major cities.

The yoga training and learning programs offered by the Arab Yoga Foundation comply with all the established ethics and principles of the lifestyle, law and culture of the Middle East. Our yoga practices and teaching meet all standards of excellence, in terms of scientific approaches. AYF utilizes a pure scientific approach to teaching Yoga using evidence from credible science research and put a strong emphasis on the difference between real science behind yoga and illusions associated wrong conception and false practices in yoga.

In AYF, we teach yoga asanas exercises, pranayamas and meditation based on physiology and anatomy focusing on neuroscience using scientific studies in the medical field and yoga to provide a strong learning foundation about yoga and health benefits.